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Edible Oil Refining Plant

Crude oil is normally processed by means of chemical or alkali refining, and established technology reliable for production of finished oil of consistent quality, regardless of the origin of characteristics of feedstock. Complete alkali or chemical refining as three basis steps, after De-gumming, first step starts with a phosphoric acid condition in a knife mixer to transform water insoluble phosphatides into hydrophilic compounds. Next, oil is mixed with caustic which, besides neutralizing oil is mixed with caustic which beside neutralizing free fatty acids, also decomposes pigments, traps phosphorus compounds trace metals, proteins and oxidizing materials. Soap stock including deleterious compound is separated by centrifugal force following a washing step mixing with water and then separating in centrifuges.

This oil goes to the second main step, bleaching, where contact with good quality bleaching earth is enough to adsorb pigments, decompose one half of remaining oxidation products, adsorb all soaps and most of phosphatides. Bleached oil flows to the third and last step, deodorization, where fatty acid, aldehyde, ketones, hydrocarbons and other unwanted materials are vaporized with stripping steam at high vacuum. Quality of the deodorized oil measured as flavor stability and other parameters is good.

Neutralization Section Neutralization Section

Being a renowned name in industry, we are providing a vast range of Neutralization Section. Our products are widely popular among the customers due to cost effectiveness and high performance. These are developed by utilizing best grade material, which is procured from the trustworthy vendors of the industry. We also assure prompt delivery of these products.
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The short mix plant is built up as an entirely closed system and is designed to handle vegetable oils in the following operations.
De-Gumming :
Acid Water De-Gumming
Gum Conditioning with concentrated phosphoric acid.
The above mentioned operations form stages of continuous de-gumming and alkali refining process and the dry neutralized oil is obtained continuously from the plant.

Acid De gumming :
Crude oil is pumped in a continuous and constant stream by pump p1 and heated to required temperature in the plate heat exchanger e1, mixed with pre-calculated quantity of acid in an knife mixer and fed to inline mixer wherein pre-calculated quality of water is added and fed to a precipitation tank. Oil water r1/ acid mixture r2 is allowed.
Sufficient residence time in the precipitation tank fro the gums to agglomerate on hydration and then pumped to separator where the oil and hydrated gums are separated and pumped to storage or disposal.

Gum Conditioning Stage :
The degummed oil from separator is heated to required for refining by heat exchanger e2 and pumped to gum conditioning mixer m1 where oil is mixed with required quantity of concentrated phosphoric acid, pumped into the mixer by metering pump. The oil is allowed a brief holding time in gum conditioning mixer where precipitation of phosphatides and metal compounds take place and then fed to neutralization mixer.

Neutralization with Caustic Soda :
The prepared caustic lye of required strength is pumped our with the help of metering pump. The lye is mixed with the oil in neutralization mixer depending on the type of oil to be neutralized. Soap stock together with other impurities is separated in the refining separator.

Vacuum Drying :
Washed oil is fed continuously to the vacuum dryer and sprayed through specially designed nozzles. The vacuum dryer is kept under a vacuum of 70 torr. The dried oil from the vacuum chamber is continuously drawn and pumped by pump to intermediate storage tank.

Continuous Refining Section Oil Plant Continuous Refining Section Oil Plant

Item Code: SEW-03
Keeping in mind the specific needs of our clients, we are offering a range of Continuous Refining Section Oil Plant. These products are made employing latest tools and machines to confirm global standards. Offered products are highly admired due to their high performance and cost effectiveness. Additionally, our clients can get these products from the market within the given time period and at market leading prices.
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Continuous Water Washing Plant Continuous Water Washing Plant

Item Code: SEW-04
Backed by rich industry experience, we are providing a vast array of Continuous Water Washing Plant to our valuable customers. All these plants are based on innovative tools and machines by our skilled engineers. Also, our quality controllers check these products keeping in mind global norms and guidelines. Our customers can buy these products as per their demands.

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Dewaxing Section Dewaxing Section

With vast industrial experience, we are providing a wide range of Dewaxing Section. These products are offered within the committed time period and at reasonable prices. We develop these products using superior quality material and sophisticated technology under the guidance of skilled workers. Our quality experts keep an eye on the entire process ensuring that only best range is supplied to the market.
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The refined palm oil pumped through a PHE to heat up the oil above the final melting point. In order to fully destroy the crystals present in the oil phase. After wards the oil is cooled in a controlled manner to the separation at the room temperature or below the room temperature and it is depend on varied melting point of the oil. During this cooling step super cooling occurs, which result in nucleation and crystal growth.
After attending the super cooling the oil pumped through a cloth filter, the love comes out from the filter taps and the sterine is deposited on the filter cloth. The sterine cleaned by manually and dispose to sterine tank. The palm olein oil collected in the palm olein oil tank.

Bleaching Section Bleaching Section

We offer Bleaching Section, which is made using advanced machines and techniques. These products are provided in customized options and at market leading prices. Known for easy installation and minimum maintenance, we offer these products at effective prices. Also, our quality inspectors inspect these products to confirm global standards.
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Slurry Preparation and Bleacher :
The incoming oil from N.O.T. pumped by BOPI, to oil earth mixer at operation temperature of 2nd water washing section, bleaching chemicals are proportioned into the oil earth mixer mechanically operated motorized rotary device. The slurry passes through the PH4 (pre-heater) achieving the bleaching temperature. The Bleacher operates under vacuum of 700mm Hg or absolute pressure 70mm of Hg.
The bleacher vessel is divided in to 3 compartments in order to prevent short circuiting of oil / bleaching earth slurry and equipped with the line steam injection in each compartments to maintain good mixing of bleaching chemicals and oil. After bleaching the slurry of hot oil and bleaching earth is transferred to the filter section for removing bleaching chemicals.

Filtration :
The filtration takes place in two alternatively operating pressure leaf filters where the bleaching earth is completely removed from the oil while one filter is in operation the other filter is blown with steam in order to recover residual oil in the bleaching earth. This oil is separated from the steam in a cyclone.
After the filtration the oil is passed through one of two alternatively working security filters (PF11/PF12) before feeding to the deodorization section.

Deodorization Section Deodorization Section

We provide our clients with a wide array of Deodorization Sections. These products are appreciated for high performance and less maintenance. Highly used for deodorizing of neutralized oils and deodorizing high FFA oils for physical refining, we provide these products at effective prices. All these products are designed in compliance with various standards & norms defined by industry.
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The steam used for ‘stripping off’ volatile matters in the oil is distributed evenly and intensively by separate, specially designed distribution systems in each tray. This way the consumption of steam is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the space over each tray is filed with highly efficient baffles designed for minimum vapor velocities in order to give optimum recovery of neutral oil from vapors.

Vapour Scrubbing :
In order to recover the fatty acids and other volatile matters in the vapors leaving the deodorizer and to minimize the pollution load in the condensed vapors, the deodorizer is equipped with a vapor scrubber. This unit operates by spraying circulating oil over a special baffle system in the vapor stream. This way the volatile matters in the vapors are condensed and collected with the circulating oil in an intermediate tank. The system is designed in such a way that no condensed volatile matters or ‘scrubber’ oil can enter the deodorizer.

General :
The entire plant is designed for continuous operation and requires a minimum of attention. The equipment can be controlled mainly from a central control panel with a large easy to read flow diagram of the process, where all items with electric motors are indicated by stop and running lights. Furthermore, important parameters in the process are supervised by an alarm system with indicating lamps on control panel. The entire operation of the plant can be handled by a single operator.

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